November 2020

These are the winners of November 2020:

Best Film
10 Photographs – Canada

Best International Film
Karen – Usa

Best Italian Film
L’ultimo Scirocco – Italy

Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
Tram Whispers – Germany

Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
The Last Step – Austria

Best Drama
Tell Tale Signs – United Kingdom

Best Comedy
Uber Thoughts – Usa

Best Horror
Ospiti – Italy

Best Thriller
Doris’s flight – Usa

Best Action/Crime
First Lesson – Usa

Best Sci-Fi
Puparia – Japan

Best Documentary
All’ombra del microfono – Italy

Best Animated Film
The Boy and The Mountain – Chile

Best Original Idea
The Cover – Australia

Best Low-Budget Film
With New Eyes – Greece

Best Realistic Film
Say You Will – Usa

Best Music Video
Kabia – Glory roads – Norway

Best Short Screenplay [Script]
Agwajiing the Sanatorium – Usa

Best Director
Her Coming – Canada

Best Soundtrack
Humbucker – Usa

Best Editing
Quiet Noise – Usa

Best Screenplay
The Story of L’Homme Cirque – Switzerland

Best Cinematography
Alaska Long Hunters – Usa

Best Actor
No Daddy Daughter Dance – Usa

Best Actress
Flow – Japan

Best Movie Poster
The Monster’s Club – Usa

Honorable mention
Kenya’s Symphony – Usa
The Struggle Within [script] – Usa
Play Dead – Japan
Zoo (Volkerschau) – Usa
Dying Is Not Giving Up – Usa
2 weeks – Usa
In the Light of Day [script] – Usa
Signs & Wonders – Usa
Life without Limits – United Kingdom
Saving Robin Williams – as told in his own words – Usa
1,2…7,8…10 or How to Meet Your Other 1/2 In 10 Steps – Bulgaria
Pröwess – “Let It Ride” – Usa
Still here – Usa
Adventure Castle: Trapped in the Lab – Usa
Acts of Crisis – Brazil
Death Offers Life – last moments of Vincent Van Gogh – India
Oh What A Night – Usa
The Neighbor – Spain
Yellow Dress – Usa
Alienation – Usa
Anacronte – Argentina
Il primo singolo – Italy
In China – Usa
winter downhearted: THE XMAS MUSICAL – France