We give space to independent short films. That's our mission.

Our jury will give 20+ awards each month.

Our festival is in its fourth edition and we are on Imdb.


The best movies will be featured at the festival on the premiere.

FAQ of the film festival.

how can I sign up?

Registration for the competition must be made by FilmFreeway , then the author will receive an email notification of registration.

These are the link to register: https://filmfreeway.com/RealeFilmFestival

what kind of films do you accept?
Can I submit more than one film?

Of course, there is no limit. You can subscribe for as many films as you want.

What are the prizes?

IMPORTANT: Each two month our jury will make a private viewing to decide the winners of the period. The finalists for the final ceremony will be chosen among the winners of each bimonth’s “Best Film” award.

These are the awards of our festival:
(with digital laurel reception, in pdf / jpg file)


Best Film
Best American Film
Best European Film
Best Asian Film
Best Italian Film
Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
Best Medium Length (from 30 to 60)
Best Drama
Best Documentary
Best Animated Film
Best Low-Budget Film
Best War Film


Best Realistic Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Original Idea
Best Inclusive Film (LGBTQ+)
Best Fight for your Rights
Best Green
Best Black Power
Best Jobs/Works
Best Irony
Best Violence
Best Female Perspective
Best Social Impact
Best Futuristic
Best What If
Best Absurd FF
Best Hope
Best Family


Best Director
Best Young Director (under 25y)
Best Soundtrack
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Vfx
Best Actor/Actress
Best Producer
Best Movie Poster
Best Title


Best Music Video
Best Short Screenplay (Script)

what year of production should my film be?

Of any year, you can also films produced 30 years ago, we like cinema, whatever the year.