December 2020

These are the winners of December 2020:

Best Film
The fixer – Usa

Best International Film
Malocchio Moderno – Canada

Best Italian Film
Luca – Italy

Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
Goodbye Home – Australia

Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
Sanctum – Usa

Best Drama
The Last of Ian Campbell – Canada

Best Comedy
Once Beautiful Woman – Usa

Best Horror
Nova – Usa

Best Thriller
Rendezvous – Usa

Best Action/Crime
Attraction Man – Usa

Best Sci-Fi
11 Minutes – Brazil

Best Documentary
Still Sadie – Usa

Best Animated Film
Start Gate – Australia

Best Original Idea
A Conversation – Usa

Best Low-Budget Film
Monte Creek – Canada

Best Realistic Film
Ci sarΓ  Tempo – Italy

Best Music Video
2 Down – Finland

Best Short Screenplay [Script]
The Magician’s Assistant – Usa

Best Italian Short Screenplay [Script]
I peccatori – Italy

Best International Short Screenplay [Script]
Runaway – Usa

Best Director
Not Quite Lost – Norway

Best Soundtrack
Calf Rope – Usa

Best Editing
The Wasteland – Usa

Best Screenplay
Weightless – Switzerland

Best Cinematography
A Conversation – Usa

Best Actor
Animal Work – Australia

Best Actress
The Ticket to Be – Germany

Best Movie Poster
Animal Work – Australia

Honorable mention
I Never Knew You – United Kingdom
Weapon of Choices – Usa
Non scordati di me – Usa
The Other Soul To Evie – United Kingdom
Gullible – Ireland
Fowl Crossing – Canada
Don’t Come Too Early – Poland
Destiny Station: Realm 16 – United Kingdom
Pinnacle – India
Spotty: a tortoise in the era of Covid-19 – United Kingdom
The Goblin Pact – Usa
Life Without – Ireland
Good Things… – Usa
Station 34 – Usa
Love A Good Life – Usa