September 2021

These are the winners of September 2021:

Best Film
Light Fantastic – Ned Caderni – United Kingdom

Best International Film
The Final Act – Jules Cales – France

Best Italian Film
The Red Death – Rodolfo De Maistre, Alberto Scisco – Italy

Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
No fitness – no love – Yuri Maslak, Olga Tugaeva – Russian Federation

Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
The Divorce – Jackson Tozer – Australia

Best Drama
Tommy’s Shoes – Kyle Porter – Australia

Best Comedy
Joys of Pregnancy – Stacey Marbrey – Usa

Best Horror
Black Vulture – Justin Sulham – Usa

Best Thriller
Yes, Darling! – Stanislav Shelestov – Russian Federation

Best Action/Crime
Whitey Web Series – Donald Watson

Best Documentary
The Story of Cuba – Eyal Gamili Holtzeker – Usa

Best Animated Film
Don’t Croak – Daun Kim – Usa

Best Original Idea
Coffee With Friends – Jimmie Rogers, Autumn Rogers – Usa

Best Low-Budget Film
The Zone – Paolo Maggi – Italy

Best Realistic Film
Last Seen – Lindsei Barros – Usa

Best Music Video
Baby GIrl – Louise Anna Stevens – United Kingdom

Best Short Screenplay [Script]
Dying To Learn – Leroy J Barrett III – Usa

Best European short Screenplay [Script]
In The Flesh – J.P. Lawrence – Portugal

Best international short Screenplay [Script]
A New Conversation – Usa – Rob Sheely

Best Italian short Screenplay [Script]
Bau Bau Tu – Federico Pieri – Italy

Best Realistic Short Screenplay [Script]
Desperately Looking for the Yellow Bag – Evelyne Gauthier – Canada – Louise Anna Stevens –

Best Comedy Short Screebplay [Script]
Love, Cupid – Spencer Stephens

Best Director
Anna – Vincenzo Palazzo – Italy

Best Soundtrack
The Lost Voyager – Gavin Lloyd – Usa

Best Editing
Fly By – Denny Shoopman – Usa

Best Screenplay
The child is hiding in the woods – Francesco Maffei – Italy

Best Cinematography
Ghost Ships – Trey Davis – United Kingdom

Best Actor
BAiL – Danny Sapani – United Kingdom

Best Actress
Double Entendre – Simone McIntyre – United Kingdom

Best Movie Poster
Timber – Viktor Alsbjer – Sweden

Honorable mention
The Return: A Covid-19 Story – Jeff Huang – Usa
Why I Stream – R. W. McGrath – Usa
HERO – A Tribute to Frontline Healthcare Workers – Richard Oliver – Usa
Hitched – Keir Beck – Australia
The Lawn Brothers – Patrick McNeil – Canada
Fountain of Age – Bruce Barker – Usa
Poppy Joins a Cult – Cat Limket – Usa
Something To Do With Purpose – James Short – United Kingdom
6 years later – Erwan Gobilliard – Spain
The Old Lady and The Boxer – Bernadette Chapman – Usa
Around Every Corner, Part 1 – Francesco Nuzzi – Usa
Should Be Giraves – John S McCloskey – Usa