January 2020

These are the winners of January 2020:

Best Film
Moth – Russian Federation – Arseny Nazaruk

Best International Film
Seul – France – Theo Coudiere

Best Italian Film
Astrea – Italy – Marco Testoni

Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
L’Amour Cinema – Germany – Gloria Rodenas

Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
Pauper – Usa – Neil Watson

Best Drama
Oranges & Lemons – New Zealand – Robyn Grace

Best Comedy
Our Song – Usa – Jordan Henderson

Best Horror
Mirror Game – Usa – Angie Rowntree

Best Thriller
Burial Ground – Mexico – Einar Brodden

Best Action/Crime
Clann – United Kingdom – Aaron O’Neill

Best Sci-Fi
Serafin – Switzerland – Carmela Schönenberger

Best Documentary
Luca Primon from forest to concert hall – Italy – Claudio Piovesana

Best Animated Film
The Peach Fuzz – Usa – Jake Weber

Best Original Idea
Spleen – Canada – Maxime Duval

Best Low-Budget Film
Aurora – Italy – Massimiliano Gallo

Best Realistic Film
Estilo Americano – Usa – Miriam Kruishoop

Best Music Video
Ankobo+Kaboo Wakangenei – Russian Federation – Felix Umarov

Best Short Screenplay [Script]
Run Kara – United Kingdom – Henry Thompson

Best International Short Screenplay [Script]
Guérisseur-Héros – United Kingdom – Danny Cotton

Best Director
Poison – Iceland

Best Soundtrack
Division – Usa

Best Editing
The Zoom Gatekeeper – Usa

Best Screenplay
Vista Runaway – Hong Kong

Best Cinematography
The two missing hours – Usa

Best Actor
Breadcrumbs – Usa

Best Actress
Apart, Together – Usa

Best Movie Poster
Ingredients – Canada

Honorable mention
Bathtub Chronicles – Usa
ENIGMA, The Fallen Angel – India
The Final Wish – Usa
Echoes of Kerberos – Usa
Escape from a good prison – Slovakia
Chronicles of Gnarnia: The Rex Chadwick Story – Usa
Negative Space – Usa
Hallucinated – Saudi Arabia
Armonie della città – Italy
Man of the Harvest – Usa
Him – Australia – Rebecca Ann Bentley
Pandemic diaries: a new beginning – Greece
Observantium – Usa
After This by Kaitlyn Clare – Usa