February 2020

These are the winners of February 2020:

Best Film
This No Land – Belgium – Alexander Decommere

Best International Film
I am here – Poland – Adam Nowak

Best Italian Film
La scelta – Italy – Manuel Juri Vitali

Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
Robin – Ireland – Shane McCabe

Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
Deep Hours – Bulgaria – Luciano Ivanov

Best Drama
Salt in the Wound – Usa – Chase Yi

Best Comedy
Deadline – Usa – Antonio Harper , Bernie Golias

Best Horror
The House Guest – Usa – David Walton Smith

Best Thriller
Candy – Israel – Omer Reis

Best Action/Crime
Ark Exitus – Usa – Johnny Yong Bosch

Best Sci-Fi
Lucie unbowed – France – Denis Gouzerh

Best Documentary
Il capitano Γ¨ fuori a pranzo – Italy – Tekla Taidelli

Best Animated Film
K.I.T. – Usa – Brandon Hill

Best Original Idea
Go South – Usa – Luke Covert

Best Low-Budget Film
Across The River – Norway – Thorkell August Ottarsson

Best Realistic Film
Blood Steel – United Kingdom – Goodill Tim

Best Music Video
Madrenatura – Italy – Francesco Chiot

Best Short Screenplay [Script]
The Cardigan – Usa – Dara Padwo-Audick

Best International Short Screenplay [Script]
I am here . Usa – Francisco Solorzano

Best Italian Short Screenplay [Script]
Ext. Evening – Italy – Luigi Salerno

Best European Short Screenplay [Script]
Hobgoblin Gennel – United Kingdom – James Fitzmaurice

Best Director
Anxiety – Canada

Best Soundtrack
FΓΉ – Australia

Best Editing
Feed Your Muse – Usa – Brendan Beachman

Best Screenplay
When a Black Man Walks Home – Usa

Best Cinematography
Can’t Go Home Again – United Kingdom

Best Actor
Final Curtain – Ireland – Stuart Cullen

Best Actress
Reptile House – Canada – Sharai Rewels

Best Movie Poster
Hai paura? – Italy

Honorable mention
Little Victories 100 years of Clovelly Rugby League – Australia – Nicholas Carroll
This Time – Usa
Universal Law N˚5 – Brazil
#BTSD – Usa
Iris – France
Panic in Valley City – Usa
Diary of a deaf young woman – France
Harley Quinn – Blazing Shadows – Germany
The Last stroll of Serge K – France
Drama 19 – Spain
October Loner – United Kingdom
In The End – Canada
Breach – Usa
The Perfect Husband – Usa
Stella: a Social Media Obsessive in the Age of Covid-19 – United Kingdom
The Big Apple – Usa
#lockdown – United Kingdom
Special – Usa
La macchinina rossa e blu – Italy
I bow to thee O Mother – India
Wake Up – India
Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Oblivion – Usa