October 2020

These are the winners of October 2020:

Best Film
Vinny Mancuso’s Rules for Good Business – Usa

Best International Film
Rosie’s Rescue – Usa

Best Italian Film
A tre chilometri dalla rivoluzione – Italy

Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
The aquarium – France

Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
Salad Daze . Australia

Best Drama
Kay – Japan

Best Comedy
MarriageFit – Usa

Best Horror
Good Counsel – Usa

Best Thriller
Deal – Usa

Best Action/Crime
Exploration of 6 Popular Action Genres – Singapore

Best Sci-Fi
Plague UK – Twisted Reality – United Kingdom

Best Documentary
My Next Challenge – Singapore

Best Animated Film

Best Original Idea
Wish For You – Japan

Best Low-Budget Film
The Killer of Grassy Ridge – Usa

Best Realistic Film
Claire de Lune – Canada

Best Music Video
Red Red Rose – Usa

Best Director
Resolution – Usa

Best Soundtrack
This is how i lost my virginity – Usa

Best Editing
Life… – Usa

Best Screenplay
The Parker Syndrome – Usa

Best Cinematography
Alexandre le fou – Canada

Best Actor
Friendzoned – Usa

Best Actress
No Longer Perfect – Switzerland

Best Movie Poster
Seagull – United Kingdom

Best Short Screenplay [Script]
Infinito – Italy

Honorable mention
9 Lives: Chapter One – Usa
Lucky Strike – Usa
Breaking & Entering [Script] – Usa
Something to Give – Usa
Dodging Her Bullet [Script] – Usa
Ashes [Script] – Usa
Meeting You…[Script] – Norway
In Their Nature – Usa
Sapiens – Chile
Burnt Blue – Usa
Runaway – Usa
We’re Fine [Script] – Usa
Irl – Usa
Un Hombre Debe Aprender – Usa
The FrontLiners – Canada
Martin – United Kingdom
Katalinka 16 – Hungary
First – Japan
A Death Perspective – Usa
Seven Wishes – France
Berberi e Speranza – Italy
Last summer – Slovenia
Can We Order First? – United Kingdom
This is I Love You – Usa
Letting Go – Australia