July 2020

These are the winners of July 2020:

Best Film
Ritorno a casa – Italy

Best International Film
Soul of Steel – Switzerland

Best Italian Film
Ritorno a casa – Italy

Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
Haute Couture – Usa

Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
Deep blue connection – Australia

Best Drama
Sam & Emma – Usa

Best Comedy
Appetite – United Kingdom

Best Horror
Together – Ukraine

Best Thriller
The Widow – Australia

Best Action
Innocent Goodbye – Usa

Best Sci-Fi
Home for Aged Time Travellers – United Kingdom

Best Documentary
The Silent Soldier and the Portrait – Usa

Best Animated Film
Goalie – Usa

Best Original Idea
Waiting For Nicko – United Kingdom

Best Low-Budget Film
Wrath – Usa

Best Realistic Film
Célestine – France

Best Director
Patrick – Usa

Best Soundtrack
L’Arpège – Canada

Best Editing
Morituri – France

Best Screenplay
Soul of Steel – Switzerland

Best Cinematography
Black Heart, Red Hands – Australia

Best Actor
Heart Strings – Canada

Best Actress
Don’t Smoke in Bed – United Kingdom

Best Movie Poster
Manasanamaha – India

Honorable mention
How To Plan A Heist – Usa
The Girl at Number 42 – United Kingdom
The Millennial Condition – Usa
Colleagues – Usa
Lastcall – France
Bloodline – Croatia
Paradox – Australia
The Legend of the ChickenFish – Canada
Thursday – Spain
Shutter – Usa
Dirt – Usa
Terror from the light (m) – China
Caducea – Belgium