August 2020

These are the winners of August 2020:

Best Film
Fame – Italy

Best International Film
The Mole – Belgium

Best Italian Film
Il Tempo che Insegna – Italy

Best Super Short (under 10 minutes)
10 seconds – Bulgaria

Best Micro Short (under 5 minutes)
The Crisis or Handshake it Off – Norway

Best Drama
First, Last – China

Best Comedy
Scarlett, Shanghai & Me – China

Best Horror
Afraid of the Dark – United Kingdom

Best Thriller
Fugitive Zero – Usa

Best Action
No exit 2 – rise against – Denmark

Best Sci-Fi
Alice – Usa

Best Documentary
To Make a Long Story Short – Usa

Best Animated Film
Of Wolves and Men – United Kingdom

Best Original Idea
Not Your Average Bear – Canada

Best Low-Budget Film
Karl – Usa

Best Realistic Film
Letters Home – United Kingdom

Best Director
Il Tempo che Insegna – Italy

Best Soundtrack
The Garage – Usa

Best Editing
Explorers – Spain

Best Screenplay
The Angel of History – Germany

Best Cinematography
Alice – Usa

Best Actor
Where do we go from here – Italy

Best Actress
Butterflies – Usa

Best Movie Poster
Bryers Cucumber Tostino’s – Usa

Honorable mention
Dogmate – Usa
The Gliwensbourg Chronicles – France
Made In America – Usa
Ill Adjusted – Usa
5 Moons of Pluto – Australia
If you love her, let her go – France
Hermit – Usa
Be-Longing – United Kingdom
Daydream – Usa
Avernus – United Kingdom
Dream for Happiness – Bulgaria
January 14th – Usa
Lost Thekra – Usa
The Overcoat – United Kingdom
Limbo – Canada