These are the winners of January/February 2022 Best Film - Working Stiff - Jan Vardøen - Norway Best International Film - Cognition - Ravi Ajit Chopra - United Kingdom Best European Film - Belief - Masud Akhond - Sweden Best Italian Film - Manuel

Questi sono i premi dell'edizione 2020 del Reale Film Festival: These are the prizes of the 2020 edition of the Reale Film Festival: OFFICIAL SELECTION Fame - Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo – Italy The Cat - Mary Apick – Usa/Iran Milk - Celia Jaspers -

Here is the list of the official selection of our festival this year: Ritorno a Casa Fame A priceless crime Vinny Mancuso's Rules for Good Business 10 Photographs The Fixer Moth This is no land Milk Deathmate The Gaze Plan C The Cat Light Fantastic Eunuco The final screening will be held at the "Il Pertini"

These are the winners of November 2021: Best Film The prison of Zarqa - Ian Cardinali - Italy Best International Film Before the Underground Vol.1 - Nikki Smallwood - Usa Best Italian Film Clara - Francesco Longo - Italy Best Super Short (under 10 minutes) Sam's Decision -

These are the winners of October 2021: Best Film Eunuch - Félix Gómez Amaya - Mexico Best International Film There goes that life - Arantxa Hurtado - Sweden Best Italian Film Sale e pepe - Iuliana Tintori - Italy Best Super Short (under 10 minutes) Damon e la